Semantic Patterns (for Romanian)

The "QuoVadis" Project
"QuoVadis" is a corpus of entities and semantic relations between them, built on the Romanian version of the Henryk Sienkievicz "Quo Vadis" book (Translation by Remus Luca and Elena Lință and published at Tenzi Publishing House in 1991).
This research is based on the results of an ample project, developed at the Computer Science Faculty of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, by the members of the UAIC Natural Language Processing Group NLP-Group@UAIC-FII.
This project has as objective the annotation of the referential relations from the morpho-syntactic annotated text of the "Quo Vadis" novel, as well as, the annotation of the semantic relations identified in text. The semantic relations were grouped in three categories: Affective, Kinship and Social relations.

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